“Whitney has been a fantastic singing teacher; I’ve had loads of fun working with her and have seen improvements in my singing in a fairly short space of time. She has helped me work on my technique and to improve problem areas. She is hugely empathic, patient, and detailed in her approach and I felt comfortable working with her from the very beginning. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Tony V.

“Whitney is a talented vocal coach that is accessible to learners at any level. My daughter has been working with Whitney for a few months, and she’s become so much more comfortable and confident on stage. We initially planned to have her work with a vocal coach to prepare for one audition, but she enjoys the lessons so much that we’re doing them year-round. Whitney makes the virtual format easy and fun, and I’d highly recommend her to anyone.”

Michaela A.

“I have been having singing lessons with Whitney for about six months now. I came late to singing and mainly with the ambition to stop wishing the earth would open up and swallow me when I had to sing Happy Birthday in a group setting. I had zero knowledge of music theory (it still is not a lot :). Even the whole idea that my voice could hit a note seemed like a fairly alien concept to me. Despite all that not once did I feel intimidated or self-conscious when having my lessons. She must have seen it all! We started with simple exercises, then progressed to nursery rhymes, and just two – three months down the line I was singing Do Re Mi from Sound of Music (to an audience of one, my mum) and now it’s Taylor Swift songs. 

Whitney is a wonderful singer with a beautiful voice but what stands out to me is her love for teaching others and that is very special. I love her approach to singing as a whole body exercise. I find it miraculous how she can hear/sense through the screen that my posture needs to be adjusted or my feet are not grounded enough. She is very attentive and has a seemingly endless arsenal of tools and visuals to work on the sound of the voice. Whitney is very enthusiastic and encouraging and on the ball every second of our lesson. I have my lessons after work and though often tired at that stage, I start feeling completely renewed five minutes into our lesson. I feel very lucky to have found her!”

Anna S.